Thursday, 22 December 2016

Summer Break

The forecast for Adelaide is around 40 degrees for 25th and 26th December 2016. Food choices for the festive season is going to be interesting because there will probably be a total fire ban. That means NO outside cooking, even on a BBQ. 

It's pretty sad to have this kind of heat so early in the season as we have had little time to adjust to silly temperatures. Beaches will be crowded, there will be a lot of young and the not so young that will get excessive dehydration,(excessive alcohol), sunburn and caught in rips! I hope everyone is sensible! 

Keep an eye on your neighbours, especially if they are elderly. Remember to drink lots of water and restrict alcohol when it's really hot!

My family is planning on some very early or late afternoon beach trips, trying out new salad and ice cream recipes and keeping as cool as possible - the oven is not going on during those temperatures.

I am taking a blogging break for a couple of weeks - it's been a very busy year and I am really in need of some down time, although I will still be playing with food, of course.

These are my favs for eating over the holidays - red cabbage salad with dried figs, lentil and currant salad, asparagus and fennel salad, nut roast with passata, sour cream and cranberry ice cream, vegan chocolate truffles.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope the next few weeks allows you to have time with your family and friends, eat lovely fresh and healthy food and have a wonderful start to the year. 

Don't forget your new year's resolution. Are you going to stop, start, make, go or take up something new? I'm pretty good at making resolutions and honestly, I really believe I'm going to keep them and then something happens and I fall off the wagon. This year I will be a little more sneaky and make sure I make a resolution I can really keep.

Thanks for your following over the last twelve months, it's been fun. I'll see you on the other side. 

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