Saturday, 13 June 2015

French Bread

Bread making has never been my strong point. I can buy exceptional artisan bread locally - but yes there is a cost involved and a high one. If you can get all the element right, then bread making should really be a pretty easy process, but I did say "if".  Attempts previously have been under proved, over proved, under cooked,  or just plain revolting.

I found a recipe for some French style loaves on line and it look relatively easy and I was very surprised that they turned out into something resembling bread, well edible - but they weren't French! What I really wanted was a baguette!

Here's my first attempt at making French Loaves
Since this attempt I have been reading more about bread making and what's needed to make a good 'baguette' and it seems that steam is needed to get something close to authentic. I decided to try again using a a different recipe and I introduced some steam into the picture to see if I could get the bread I was looking for.
I am sure there are a lot of bakers that can't understand the difficulty we mere humans have with making bread, but I am trying !!!!!

The recipe I found on the web at Thanks Chef John for sharing this and the little video that goes with it to walk you through step by step.

It's a no knead recipe that seemed to be pretty simple to make, but the proving time said 12 hours in a warm place.  Although it isn't quite winter, the evenings are very chilly and my house cools overnight and I was wondering if it would rise at all. I did not need to worry because I left the light on in the oven for a good 3 hrs to give it a start and that was sufficient to keep it warm and help it to rise. 

Here's a photo of the finished product. Not bad? This is the closest I have got to a Baguette and I think if I keep trying to tweek the recipe I should end up with something close. The density of the bread is pretty good and it turned out to be very light and crusty.

If you have another recipe that you think works well, please let me know, I am desperate to make some more.

Next batch I will add a few more photos, but until then Happy Baking!


  1. Wow that looks good! Clever you 😀

    1. Well thank you! It gets better every time I make it. Give it a go, it is quite straightforward.