Sunday, 15 March 2015

More About The Big Walk**

Decisions have been made. The long walk is confirmed and it will be the Thames Path  - from it's source near Cirencester to London's, Thames Barrier a total of about  250 kilometres. With a few days sightseeing along the way it will take around 20 days.

Beautiful countryside to see at a nice leisurely pace should be quite a good way to spend autumn in England.

Steph, a friend from Brisbane and I will be taking this little stroll in September this year. We have already booked our first few nights accommodation, so it is really happening.

Here is a list I made a couple of weeks ago of urgent things to do in preparation. 

1. Get back on my 5:2 eating plan, I want to drop 6 kilos before September
2. Get my knee checked out - specialist appointment booked  

2. Increase the lengths of my walks; 2 walks per week with at least one around 15 kilometres or more.

3. Keep reading the Thames Path information book to make sure I don't miss anything important 

4. Start walking with increased weight in back pack.

5. Experiment with ingredients to make some lowish calorie Muesli Bars.
6. Do a trial pack to check my back is big enough.

7.  Buy a bigger pack - mine isn't big enough.

As you can see I am pretty good at procrastination as I haven't achieved many of these so far. Happy to say that I have managed to get back on a healthy eating plan and have already lost 1.9 kilos!!!!!

Time to stop thinking about what needs to be done and just doing it!

This is the pack I am thinking of buying. Great it's on sale and a good price too!

Has anyone used one of these? Are they durable? Plenty of pockets?

OK it's back to the planning! and cooking!

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