Saturday, 7 February 2015

Gym and More Gym**

I have nothing to say except that I hurt a lot!
My new training regime has kicked in and I am sore but happy.
Three gym sessions a week at The Recreation Centre, Blackwood. This involves Interval Training on the bike and stair running as well as weights and core work. I think I am getting stronger and fitter and I will have to put that to the test soon because I need to get out and walk before the daily temperatures gets back into the high 30's which is way too hot for me to walk any distance.

It has been reported that I woke up one morning recently and said, "I found these big lumps on my legs today, I have never noticed them before. OMG I think they might be muscles" So obviously, something is working. 

But I do have days when I can't face exercising! Do you  have days like this?

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

  1. 1. Wear a pedometer. Bit by bit, increase your daily steps. Keep it up until you reach 10,000 steps a day.
  2. 2. Keep a walking journal. Whether you journal online or with pen and paper, it's motivating to see your progress. 
  3. 3. Get a walking partner. "A walking or gym buddy provides accountability. Neither wants to let the other person down."
  4. 4. Sign up for a race or charity walk. An upcoming event gives you a goal to aim for, which may motivate you to stick with a program.
After not losing weight, well it's a bit hard when I keep experimenting with cake recipes - (check out if you want to read my other blog) I have decided to cut out a lot of carbs and to try and add more protein to my diet - thats hard when you are vegetarian.

Introducing soy and coconut milk smoothies with added vegan protein powder and a variety of fruit is a great source of protein. It helps to fill you up, and is useful after a gym work out or long walk. 

I am trying hard to get my weight to what I consider is me! I actually saw a book in the library today called "Think Yourself Thin" If only that worked for me : ) 

I have added the phone app Couch to 5k. Evidently if you follow the program to a tee it enables you to build up to be able to run 5 kms in a short amount of time. I might end up walking most of it but I am giving it a try tomorrow. My longest walk last week was 14kms. I hurt quite a lot after that but with some good stretching I pulled up quite well after it.

I am way behind my training schedule, but yesterday I bought goggles and a kick board, so it is off to the pool for some leg strengthening exercises next week. if you see a mildly crazy woman in the local pool, powering out laps with a wee blue kick board - get out of the way, I mean business!

Happy walking!

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