Friday, 18 July 2014

A Traveller's Tale

Traveller returns home from six weeks holiday in sunny Europe.  Eaten interesting and wonderful things, seen amazing buildings and encountered some outstandingly motivating people, including family members. Ticked things off my bucket list.

Home coming is sad, the weather is cold, rainy and wintry. Our beautiful foster cat is very, very sick. Emotionally drained and jet lagged and unable to make food to share with you and since I have been back for only two days, have not yet had time to deal with my photographs.

Over the next couple of weeks, as I delve into cold weather food, I will also bring you some rays of sunshine from Europe. Stay with me, I promise you it will be worth the wait.

I am tempting you now with beautiful, peaceful landscapes and food to die for!

Haltwhistle, UK
Honister Pass, Cumbria, UK
Top of Hadrian's Wall, Cumbria
Wast Water, Cumbria, UK
St Paul's Cathedral from Tate Modern, London
Tomato and Pepper Soup, Warsaw , Poland
Milk Dessert, Dubai
Cheese Cake Dubai 

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