Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Food Photography

Have you seen the ads for 30 Days to Better Food Photography?

Are you kidding me? Can you actually learn how to do this in 30 days? So what’s the catch?

When I saw the ad for this course these were some of the thoughts that came into my head. I’m actually a good photographer, so why do I need to learn how to do this?

Since I started my blog a year ago I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to the photos thinking the recipes and stories were more important. Wrong! I'm currently working on a new website for my blog and this course has come at the right time for me to discard all my crappy shots and concentrate on giving you the best I can.

I’ve learned that photos draw in your readers and give you the credibility to encourage people to read your words. Not the other way round.

Changing the backgrounds

So when I saw the course advertised, I knew I had to give it my best shot.  What was so amazing about the course was the speed in which I learned. Ok so not all my photos were great,  BUT I learned what I was NOT doing. 

If you make a commitment to do something, you damn well need to keep that commitment and this course made me do it.   Everyday the email lessons came in I was excited. What will I learn today? The lesson tells you what to do and how to do it – but you get the opportunity to put your own personality into the photo – that’s what I liked. Ok so I don't have a studio and all the best photography gear, but I make the best I can with my space and what I can find around the house.

Different angles

I saw in my photos, the mistakes I had been making. I saw in my photos how each lesson added another skill. And I saw in each lesson how my confidence grew. Styling, lighting, colour balance, composition, it’s all here. I’m certainly not an expert yet, but I am making progress and that’s feels good.

If you think you are on your own doing this course – think again! There’s lots of other people from around the world all doing this course at the same time – you share photos, get advice, see how other people style their food and get tips on how to make your photos better.


One thing that blows me away about the whole course – is that it is FREE!
There’s obviously a mad man behind the whole course because who would put this together, send out emails, chat, critic your photos, tell jokes, make things this easy and not get a penny for it. NEEL!

Neel is the most generous of souls because he has seen too many bad photos on blogs and he’s trying to make food look delicious. Photos that we will be proud of; photos good enough for Pinterest, our magazines, our blogs and ourselves.
Learning from other people

If anyone has any doubt about the sincerity of this course – jump in and sign up. You wont regret it one bit. Now check out this link  - here it is again- 30 days to Better Food Photography

Adding your own style