Sunday, 8 December 2013

Stoned Fruit!

It is the season to be jolly! Not because of the fat man in a red suit, but because it's summer fruit time in abundance. Cherries, apricots, plums, strawberries, peaches, nectarines - oh goodness I am drooling just thinking about them all. Sorry Northern Hemisphere folk I hope this isn't making you feel too miserable.

I have been visiting fruit growers this week to pick up some of the new seasons fruit. It hasn't been the best year for cherry growers because of the variable weather and wind and bees not pollinating the blossoms. I am pleased to say that I was able to select a few fat, juicy cherries from Torrens Valley Orchards at Gumeracha, which I hope to play around with over the next few days. Unless of course they get eaten before I have a chance to turn them into something special. I promise faithfully to share the results with you.

My favourite strawberry place  Green Valley Strawberries, on the Nairne/Inverbrackie Road, at Nairne, has had a major makeover. Going from a large packing shed to a brand new building incorporating a cafe! Pleased to say their prices have remained the same - so thank you! I bought up big to make some 'Strawberry Syrup' (I'll post the recipe up during the week). I will also give you a few tips on how to use it.

While you are waiting, how about a simple peach recipe?

Peach Salsa


    2  Spring onions finely chopped
    1/2 red capsicum finely chopped
    2 - 3 peaches quartered
    1/2 - 1 Avocado depending on size
    1 small lebanese cucumber chopped
    1 large tomato finely chopped
    5 - 6 slices of  Jalapeno peppers, chopped
    1/2 bunch of fresh coriander leaves, chopped
    Juice of a lemon
    3 tablespoons Verjuice
    Cos lettuce for serving                                   
    Combine all ingredients (except the lettuce) and toss together. 
Place a couple of cos lettuce leaves on a serving plate and pile up the salsa in   the middle. Top with a slice of peach and a coriander sprig.

Serve with some crusty baguette and a chunk of Brie or Camembert. Great for lunch, serves two.

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